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This Is As Interesting As It Gets

I'm up to thirty modified push-ups--five sets of six. I can put a good deal of oomph into straight punches with only minor discomfort, but strikes and blocks that put rotational strain on inner elbow make me catch my breath. (I only tried it twice, and decided I didn't need to try it again for a long time.) Working with sai and nunchaucku makes it pretty sore, I'm not about to try the bo for at least another month, and too much typing causes the inner elbow to burn. But all in all, I'm feeling extremely lucky about both the speed of recovery and the high level of mobility.

I'm jamming through revisions for SAND. Once I finish the current chapter, I'll be skipping about 10K words from the old manuscript in order to move the story along. I won't be losing anything that changes the story in any meaningful way.

The outlines for an urban fantasy and contemporary romance are competing for the NaNoWriMo slot. I want to do both. And finish SAND. And finish the wellness book. And and and...

And I need to get much better at managing my daytime hours.

On a related note, my folks will be staying with me for the first four days of November. They've found a new home in Denver, and are coming back here to load up all the items they'd placed in storage in September. I see wellness clients one of those days, and must sit on the board for the black belt candidate evaluation on another. Both commitments were set prior to knowing my folks' plans, but I still feel bad I'll be less than helpful. Dev has willingly offered to be their move-servant for those days, then will spend Monday with his grandfather before my folks head back west.

Perhaps, if I can disengage my brain from writing projects and karate for more than a few minutes at a time, I'll get a more substantive post up in the coming days.


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Oct. 28th, 2013 04:16 pm (UTC)
I'm glad your elbow is recovering, but sometimes, these things take a long time, don't they?

Have you decided which book to write for NaNo?

I can't wait to read Sand.
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