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Dear Indiana

Dear Indiana,

I really, really appreciate all you've done this winter.  Almost sixty degrees at the beginning of January?  Awesome.  No hint of snow in the forecast until sometime last next week?  Double awesome.

But frankly, I'm a little suspicious.  We both know it won't last.  You're simply trying to put forth your best behavior because I started talking about leaving you.

Well, know that I'm here with you for at least the next four years--until Dev finishes school, becomes an adult, and heads off to college/work/seeing the world.  Then all bets are off, Hoosier State.  I doubt I'll be able to make a complete move.  (After all, the average California house can be eight to ten times more expensive than one of yours.)  But you and I are not going to be exclusive anymore.  I need to start seeing other states.  And countries.

Especially in January and February.  And July and August.

You never should have let me go back to Central California, y'know.


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Jan. 6th, 2012 07:45 pm (UTC)
We'd love to have you out here in California. (If things are affordable at that point in time.)

We've had 80+ degree weather all week. The state usually shows off for the Tournament of Roses. Now that it's over, we're down to mid 70's today and back in the 60's next week. But, hey, that's nice. I'm not complaining.
Jan. 6th, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
I believe there will always be a major price gap, alas. I mean, for the same price as a little ranch house in Orange County, I could buy a good-sized home on 30 to 50 wooded acres out here.

If I stay in Indiana at all, I'm determined to seek out things I "left behind" when we moved. Forex, I put theater aside because Husband worked nights, and I didn't want to employ a sitter all the time. But there are a ton of theater opportunities in Central Indiana. So...why not?

I grew up in SoCal, not far from Disneyland, but would really want to settle just north or south of SLO. I would have to sell many, many books. :-)
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