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The First Wellness Book

If there's one thing feeling sorry for myself is good for, it's for spurring me into action.  I hate feeling down (which I'm sure Pastor Bob would relate back to the fact I "don't do process" well).  So I dove into the final edits, checking of references and source materials, and basic formatting of my first wellness book.

It still needs so fixing and some polish, but it's close enough now I feel confident putting the final pieces in motion.

I'm going to do this one in ebook and print, and use the print version as my learning experience through CreateSpace. If I find the process workable, then I'll have gained a new skill. If I find it unworkable, I'll have gained the knowledge that I'd better pay someone else to do that task.

Here's the first draft of the blurb/back cover copy:

You decided to take a multivitamin. Your physician told you to take fish oil. You heard about an herbal combination that sounds like a good match for your wellness challenges.

But how do you know which multivitamin contains nutrients at the right proportions? What does the label reveal about the quality of your fish oil capsules? Which company can be trusted to provide pure and effective herbs?

The FDA reports that 70% of supplement manufacturers failed to meet basic manufacturing standards in 2010 and 2011. Independent testing found the ingredients in 40% of multivitamins, 30% of vitamin B supplements, and a whopping 63% of milk thistle supplements failed to match the label claims.

Quality matters.

Don't trust your wellness to advertising campaigns, product placements, and unreliable advice. Don't let chance make your decisions.

Learn to evaluate labels, investigate the company, and take charge of your wellness. You owe it to yourself to Choose Well.

For the cover and the preview, go here.

I am so relieved to finally reach this stage.

The past few months have been a repeat lesson in "Sometimes life goes sideways." You'd think I'd be adept at the dance by now. Someday, I swear, I'll be really good at the Cha-Cha Slide of life.


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