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If Life Is Truly Precious In His Eyes...

I usually stay out of political conversations online, and plan to continue that habit for it has served me well in recent years. So understand I am being completely, utterly, without-a-doubt serious when I say I'm not interested in seeing anyone's comments, opinions or scientific references on abortion.


The Twitter-born comment by Erick Erickson--made after the passing of the Texas bill regarding abortion clinics--telling "Liberals" to go bookmark a site for coat hangers set a torch to the anger in me usually reserved for the calculatingly cruel, the joyfully nasty, and the deliberately spiteful folks who get their greatest kicks from the praise given them by their like-minded buddies.

Yes. Well.

Many people of greater talent and influence than I will write and speak at length about that comment. I need not do so. Instead I'll lay out what could do if someone truly values life. If someone really thinks every child is precious. If someone really-o truly-o believes children deserve life.

1. Quit fighting over birth control. Just stop. If that's the moral ground on which you'd like to shed your most-moral blood, start with your own followers and win on the merits of your argument. It's time to stop running to Big Brother government to twist arms when folks don't listen to you.

2. Stop blaming women for "getting" pregnant while conveniently forgetting the other half of the impregnation process. What you're really saying is that all those women are seductresses trying to get a man's seed, and all those men are stupid enough to fall for it. This theory of yours also assumes men are the weaker moral creatures. If that's true, you ought to be urging all these men to give up public office, management positions, and even their influence in the family. We don't want those precious children at the mercy of such corruptible influences

3. Cram your rants about single mothers way, way way down your throat. See number two above. "Single mothers" includes women who intended to be pregnant without a spouse, and those who didn't intend such. Quite a few mothers found themselves single after their husbands were slain in war. Others find themselves single as a result of a man who just couldn't manage to keep his promises as a father and/or husband. If you don't want those children raised by single mothers, what do you propose the mother do with her children under those circumstances? (If your answer is, "Find a good man," so help me I can't even talk to anymore. If a man can't seem to avoid "getting" a woman pregnant, how much good can he be, hmm?)

4. Reform child support collections and enforcement. While you're out there confiscating tampons in order to have your vote on abortion, thousands upon thousands of children who were not aborted spent another day in poverty because their fathers just can't be bothered to pay child support. If your best answer to that is, "Take him to court!" you really must be as dense as your #2 theory implies. I've yet to see a grocery or clothing store accept, "But I'm taking the father to court for non-payment of child support" in lieu of payment. And, dang it, those living children simply won't wait patiently for a few months or years between meals while the court hears the case, makes a judgment, enforces that judgment, collects the judgment, then disperses the funds to the waiting custodial parent.

5. If you don't want those poor preyed-upon fathers to take responsibility for the actions of their sperm, then you lose any moral authority to whine about working mothers. If you want to whine about working mothers, you lose all moral authority to snarl about women who live off public assistance for their children. And if you can't see the logic in that, you shouldn't be allowed to drive.

What would Jesus do in this situation? I'm not certain what action he'd take. But I'm fuck-all confident Jesus wouldn't have told anyone to go buy coat hangers. Jesus wouldn't be snickering over that comment's cleverness. Jesus wouldn't be deleting it to avoid responsibility.

Have fun explaining all that when the Rapture comes your way.


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Jul. 15th, 2013 12:58 am (UTC)
Yeah, that comment was all kinds of wrong.
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