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Miscellany of Writing and Karate

So yesterday, I paused revisions to search for a minor character's name in a later volume. A phone call interrupted my search. By the time I finished the call, karate time was near. I fixed a quick dinner once I got home, then settled in to watch Hell's Kitchen with my son. Then we caught the second half of Sharknado. I reached the end of the movie drunk on laughter and unable to focus on anything of passing seriousness.

This morning I remembered I needed to search for that character's name, and expended about twenty minutes looking. Then, when I was about to give up, I found it! Right there! That name! So I sat down with the current revision notes and manuscript and... could not for the life of me remember why I needed that damned name.

It'll come back to me. Eventually.

(Yesterday was also the day Ty the Wonderdog using his power of the wagging tail for evil purposes, sweeping all my Magic Index Cards from table to floor. They hadn't yet been re-numbered in their proper order. They are now numbered, oh yes.)

Next week could be good or bad for writing. From Sunday to Friday, I'll be at karate camp. Three times a day, I'll be teaching classes outdoors. Two nights, I'm supervising one of the girls' cabins. But I do have time in between those commitments. I often use some of that time to work on new material for myself, and to work with other adults. But it's quite possible I'll grab a couple hours each morning to hide in my room. If nothing else, the hiding gives my introverted self a needed break from the go-go-go that is karate camp.

The dojo continues to grow, albeit at a slower pace than in our first four months. I have an enrollment goal I'd like to reach by October. It'll be stretch, but I think I can hit it. My current students--youngest is four, oldest is early 50's--are all challenging, excited, willing to work, and focused on their next goal. I love watching kids get immediate, repeated and concrete feedback on their work, and then choosing to reach for the next step.

And now, my time to write is here!

Unrelated: I'm gobsmacked that some local schools are holding their first classes of the school year on July 30.


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