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The pretty good:

I bought an artificial tree this year.  Because I have one more piece of furniture in the living room than I should, tree-space is limited.  The choice was between buying a real tree and chopping off one side so it could be pushed against the wall, or buying an artificial one I could more easily manipulate.  I’ll miss the scent, not the needles.

The tree looks nice.  A little bland, because we didn’t unpack the more sentimental ornaments.  I think know Dev and I aren’t interested in any more emotional prodding than necessary.  So we had fun decorating generically and left it at that.

I put eucalyptus essential oil in my diffuser, and was immediately warmed by memories of Montana de Oro.  Maybe I’ll switch to pine tomorrow.

After sorting California photos, I’ve decided Dev has a pretty good eye for photography.  Some of the landscapes look like professional photos.  He also has a knack for photographing his mother in moments of extreme dorkiness.  He seems most proud of that.

The needs-work:

Ty Handsome the Wonderdog has slowed down in the cold weather, grumping about his hips.  I’m amazed this hasn’t happened sooner, since he will be ten years on in April.  Time to start Missing Link, the doggie supplement that added happy years to the life of Jake, our old dog who lived to be seventeen.

The sigh-worthy:

It’s rather depressing to awaken to news of yet another food recall caused by poop in meat.  Equally depressing is the default assumption that there is poop in all ground meat, hence the reason we’re warned against undercooked burgers.

Dear neighbor insists on walking two big and obviously untrained dogs on flimsy retractable leashes.  This means her dogs drag her into my yard if my dogs are out when they walk by.  Yesterday I had to get between snarling and snapping dogs because tangled leashes had wrapped around my dog, trapping him against her dog.  Dear neighbor then told me she wished my dogs wouldn’t bark when she walked by, because it made her dogs crazy.

The life-is-good:

I have a lead for a new teaching venue, though I can't follow up on it until after the first of the year.  Still, fingers crossed.

After December 29, I will have two to three hours of uninterrupted writing time almost every day!
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