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Back To Life

I've stayed mostly out of communication for days and days.  I just needed a break.

The California trip was marvelous in so many ways, despite the 24+ hours lost to a horrendous bout of food poisoning (and the total disruption of plans that resulted from it).  That Man had the unwelcome job of nursing a very ill me, and managed to hit the perfect balance of helping without overwhelming.

The good news is I rebounded quickly on New Year's Day, so we were able to take in the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Cannery Row.  The following day, we toured the Hahn Winery.  More than just a tour, actually.  We hopped into a 4WD jeep driven by a seemingly mild-mannered man who in truth loved to skid and swerve and speed.  Over a two-hour period, we visited places all over the winery, learned about everything from grafting to bottling, and tasted numerous wines straight from the barrel.  It was incredible!

Later in the week, I drove down the coast to spend a couple days with my dear friend and Dev's godmother.  In rare serendipity, we had no work-related responsibilities to interrupt our time.  Hours and hours were spent talking, sharing, touring and eating.  She knows all the coolest places.

She is a perfect example of what cancer treatment can look like when allopathic medicine is combined with evidence-based alternative treatments.  How well is she doing?  She still works an average of ten hours a day teaching, researching, and directing theater.  She trains in yoga twice a week, attends physical therapy three times a week, and will be starting Qigong next week as well.  All of this while on oral chemo for cancer metastasized to lung and bone (including a mass on her spine).

Her oncologist thinks it's just coincidence her quality of life improved at the same time she incorporated nutrition therapies and acupuncture.  Her oncologist refuses to acknowledge that a lack of FDA/AMA approval is not an indication of an intervention's lack of efficacy, and will not give much credence to mountains of research performed outside the U.S.  Fortunately, my friend is more interested in results than rhetoric, and has the courage to make her own choices.

There are Reasons I chose her to be Dev's godmother—and they had nothing to do with religion.

And now...  Home again, feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready to implement my New Plan for the next two years.  Implementation includes finishing projects, making more money, spending less money, de-cluttering life on all levels, and turning Dev loose bit by bit.  He did perfectly well on his own for a couple of the days I was gone (though anything that resembled chips and crackers disappeared from the house), and is ready to try it again.


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Jan. 8th, 2013 10:20 pm (UTC)
Welcome home! Other than the food poisoning, it sounds like you had an awesome trip!
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