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Aside from Writing...


It's been awhile since I've written about writing.  Writer though I am, my life encompasses other roles.  Sometimes those roles take precedence out of necessity or choice.  This time it has been a little of both.

First and foremost is always Dev.  Though it's true he is capable of great independence now, I'm of the opinion that the later teen years are not the time to dial back parental involvement.  My involvement in his life has certainly evolved, but it hasn't lessened.  Where once it involved organizing play time, it now encompasses checking in with and socializing with the parents of the kids he is involved with.  Taking him back and forth to museums and camps has transitioned into transporting him to work and more focused activities.  And the most important aspect is the time set aside to talk.

I'm determined to maintain a healthy connection.  Part of that comes from watching how friends of mine--parents of remarkable teens-becoming-adults--balance their parental role with the child's independence.  The give and take they've achieved is, in my opinion, something to be emulated.

Another part of my determination comes from memories of my own teenage years, realizing now that the great independence I was granted as a teen was far more than I could handle, and it resulted in more than a few extremely poor (and long influential) life choices.  And I remember a high school boyfriend summing up his friend's problems by saying, "No one is ever there when he gets home.  No one asks him about his day."

The other factor is the Brand! New! Dojo!  It is at last open.  Every belt level has now had at least one class in the new space and--despite some first-night inabilities to concentrate--all has gone well.  I'm incredibly optimistic about the coming six months.  And I'm already learning and re-learning a great deal from Shihan about teaching.  I anticipate my ego will get in the way more than once, since I'm going from a completely independent instructor to an instructor sharing the mat with a very senior instructor.  I also anticipate my ego will eventually find its rightful place and shut up. :-)  The students are thrilled, and that's what matters most.

Lastly, I've had a robust desire to take care of many household chores that have floated along undone for months on end.  The Green Room (otherwise known as the spare bedroom that serves as a storage locker) has gone from two-thirds full of stuff to a mere score of unsorted boxes.  The number of boxes stored in the garage has fallen in half.  The little master bathroom is no longer a blank cubicle.  Next comes the tilling under of the garden, the trimming of the shrubbery, and a couple hours of mulch-o-rama before it gets much colder.

I have been writing non-fiction projects, but those are "work," not story-play.

But!  I did pull out my Most Rejected Story (which is also, oddly enough, my Most Often Complimented by Editors Story) for feedback and tweaking.  Awesome feedback. :)  I'd thought to send it to one more market, but read something specific in their guidelines that rules 'em out.  So last night I designed a cover for it.  Dev--who hasn't read the story--told me the cover looked, "Pretty, but a little creepy," which is precisely what I wanted to achieve.  I do believe this one will go live this weekend.


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Sep. 27th, 2012 12:28 pm (UTC)
Sounds like good work getting done on all fronts!
Sep. 27th, 2012 12:44 pm (UTC)
Sometimes we need a little break to get all our ducks in a row. Though anyone with a brand-new dojo certainly isn't take a "break!"

Go Blair! =)
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