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Random Miscellany

Gambit II, our rescue pup, has suddenly expressed interest in images on the television.  When Dev plays Skyrim, the Little Bit is absolutely transfixed.  A few nights ago, a show we were watching showed an injured dog, whining.  Bit jumped up and ran to Ty, who was peacefully sleeping by the couch, and pawed at the old dog until he got up.  I'm not sure of Bit thought Ty was whining, or that Ty should be alerted to the whining dog.

Today I cooked down five gallons of Roma tomatoes into about three gallons of tomato sauce.  Lots of garlic, onions, basil, oregano and bay leaves.  The house smells like an Italian restaurant.  That is a marvelous thing.

The attitude Dev brought home from his summer camps is still going strong, thank goodness.  He helped run our recent belt promotion, and took charge of the class with confidence and smiles.  He is managing his work hours around his school hours.  He is gearing up for the increased karate training that comes before his next test--this one for his adult Shodan.  He's hoping he will be given the title of sensei at that time as well.

Today I realized just how much my life could change if the new dojo location takes off.  In the space of a week, I've gone from running a very small community dojo to being in charge of a larger business launch.  Um...yikes?

Even with the dojo opening, September will be an "easy" month.  The big decisions have been made.  The schedule contains not a single out-of-state trip.  I have only two days of wellness client appointments (and I'm holding to that unless I fill every available slot of those days).  No dog shows, no karate seminars, no workshops or speaking engagements.  Whew!

Diatomaceous earth is awesome.  Last August and September, when the season turned a bit dry, we had a terrible time with ants coming in, searching for water.  And, this being Indiana, there are always crawly insects ready to make their home in yours.  Drought tends to make it worse.  But this year, I put down a barrier of diatomaceous earth all around the house.  No ants.  No beetles.  And I think I spied two spiders over the course of the summer.  Best of all, it isn't a toxic chemical.  It was, as I said, awesome.

Lastly, That Man continues to make me happy.  That should probably be firstly as well.




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