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The Weekend Is Already Gone

Our county "fun match" dog show is tomorrow.  It's a practice show, open to all counties, so the kids and dogs have an opportunity to compete against and learn from others.  We even have two judges who will be judging at the state level.  The downside to that is the show tends to be a very busy one, and busy shows mean very long days.

Ty the Wonderdog has been brushed and brushed and brushed.  After today's vet check, which will excite him into throwing more hair, he will need to be brushed and brushed again.  Honestly, I don't know how that dog has any hair left, considering what's already been bushed out.  He has to do a different level of obedience this year, so we're not certain how well he will do there, and agility is getting tough for him.  He certainly looks pretty in the showmanship ring, though, and his tail wags almost the entire time.

Gambit does well at practice, but we've no clue how he will react to all the bustle and noise of the show.  Sometimes there is enough noise going on that commands to the dog must be said loudly.  Loud commands make Gambit nervous, and when he is nervous, all he wants to do is curl up against Dev's leg.  The pup wants so badly to do it right, but until he grows accustomed to the shows, we don't expect him to shine in obedience.  Dev decided not to even try showmanship with Bit; past injuries make it difficult for Bit to keep an even gait or stand in place for a long time.  But agility?  That little dog rocks.  Ears up, tongue lolling, leaping twice as high as he needs to...  What he lacks in experience this year will be smoothed out by next year, and Gambit will be an awesome agility dog.

After the dog show, the garden needs some attention.  Little clusters of green tomatoes are beginning to appear, and have fingerling squash rapidly nearing picking size.  Watermelon and canteloupe vines are spreading.  A third of my okra died for no reason I can discern, but the remaining plants are growing well.  Peppers all have little flowers, bush and kidney beans are growing, and the basil looks nice (if still small).  I'm hoping the next couple days of hot weather won't cause the lettuce to bolt.  Cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbages look well.

Another row of radishes-atop-carrots go in this weekend, along with another row of beans and six more winter squash vines.  If I can find some okra seedlings, I might toss those in as well.  Then I won't be putting in new stuff again until late July/early August.  I am so looking forward to eating food I've grown again.



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