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Revising Chant - III

43K down, 87K to go.

I suppose I could do a little more, but my attention is beginning to wander and that's not helpful at all.

Today has involved back-and-forth revisions: Read a passage in need of reworking, scroll back to confirm yesterday's changes will support the change, scroll forward to make the change, scroll farther forward to make a note in the text of changes that'll need to be made when I reach that point, scroll back and proceed.  These are not my favorite sort of revisions.

Then I came across a note scribbled in the margin of my revision sheets.  It says, "Add: mother doesn't want."  I have no idea what this refers to.  Which mother?  What doesn't she want?  Who doesn't she want?  The revision notes surrounding the scribble are no help at all since the only mother character in the connected scenes isn't saying or doing anything the comment supports.  I do wonder what I had in mind.

What's interesting is how the omni voice has become invisible to me.  I'm not certain if that's good or bad for other readers, but I like the smoother flow of it.  I like it so much, I tried to write a piece of my present-day paranormal in omni.  Boy, did that suck.  Omni belongs to Chant, it seems.  Scenes for the next book are becoming more distinct.

Karate is going to tire me out this week.  My own instructor is out of town, so I and another senior student are teaching his classes on the nights I usually train.  Training is usually more physically demanding than teaching, but teaching is more exhausting than training.  By the time I finish the week's classes Saturday afternoon, I expect to be quite weary.

Dang, who am I kidding?  I am fully weary now.



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