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A trio of Links

Since I dare not allow myself to peek at my writing projects lest I immediately lose interest in all the things I must do this week, y'all have to put up with me writing more posts.  It's a coping mechanism. ;-)

Following a tweet from @KristineRusch, I watched this video of Neil Gaiman giving a commencement speech for the University of the Arts.  Loved it.  I was especially amused by the body language of some faculty when Neil discussed lying to get his first job.  I was extremely happy to hear his words about the future of art's distribution.

From a posting by jaylake, here's an article highlighting the correlation between organic food and asshole behavior.  Actually, what the study concludes is that when one participates in behavior seen as morally superior, one takes that virtuousness as an excuse to act like a jerk in another setting.  I see this often in the natural health field.  I also see it in the field of fitness, nursing, writing, martial arts, mainstream medicine, education, political activism, and any other endeavor that aligns itself with moral determinations.

Choosing to eat organically doesn't mean a person has joined the cult of Organic-ism and is now above being touched by the Dorito-stained fingers of others.  If one really wants to do something that might actually make a difference, quit giving cheap canned goods, white rice, and processed foods to the local food pantry.  Supply them with those organic foods of yours instead.  Folks frequenting food pantries have a far higher need for those vitamins, minerals, and chemical-free foods.

Lastly, in connection with mention of organic foods, here's a summary of research finding higher intake of saturated fats versus monounsaturated fats correlates with a decline in memory and cognition.  As always, researchers point to red meat as a main culprit.  In truth, that should commercially-raised red meat.  Grass-fed beef has only about 10% of its fat as saturated fat; it is instead high in omega-3 fatty acids.  But as long as such researchers and health writers consider food to be fuel rather than construction materials, the composition of most foods won't be considered, alas. 

(Aside: The more saturated fat--aka marbling--in a cut of meat, the higher the USDA will rate its quality.)


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