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Recovering From Seeding Destruction

Did I mention how my sweet and much-beloved pair of pups destroyed most of my seedlings?

Gambit is a thief who stashes his treasures under the living room table.  These days, he mostly confines his thieving and stashing to dog toys, stray papers, and the occasional pilfered article of clothing.  I never expected him to steal seedlings off the patio table and stash them under a bush.  I didn't expect Ty to join in the fun for tearing the seedling flats apart in tug of war.

I swear, it was as if the pair went on a bender in Vegas.  And they looked just as guilty when I walked out there to gawk at the aftermath.

I was left with a few tomatoes (mostly the Roma), some peppers, cauliflower, summer squash, and a few watermelon.  So I went searching--begging and buying--for more seedlings.  Usually, there are plenty to be had mid-May, but because our last frost came a month earlier than usual, seedlings are sparse.  My neighbor has said he's picking up surplus seedlings from a family member this weekend, but we're not certain what they'll be.  Tomatoes, okra and kale had been mentioned, but quantity and other possibilities are a mystery.

In the meantime, I've planted all that I have, and put up a new flat of seedlings for later planting.  I'll direct-seed carrots, radishes and bush beans this evening.  And my seedling hunt also resulted in finding stevia to go in my front garden area.

I dislike the appearance of gardens at this stage.  Too much bare dirt.  It will look lush and wild in a few weeks, but right now, it looks like...a lot of bare dirt dotted with green.  Even worse, because the soil isn't the greatest quality.  Worse still, knowing how many seedling ought to be there!



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