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Yesterday, we missed what is usually our first dog show of the season.  It would have been nice for Gambit to have his first run at the little local show, but said show is always poorly organized.  Neither of us was in the mood for a thirteen hour ordeal, and we had plenty of other things to keep us busy. We worked the dogs at home instead.  Ty is getting bored with practice these days, though he still gets excited at shows.  Gambit thinks it's all great fun.

For the first time in years, I participated in a karate demonstration during a belt promotion.  Usually I'm the one running the promotion, so it was nice to sit back and simply enjoy it.  I performed the kata Jitte--short, but heavy on the body mechanics I needed to learn--and was okay with it.  Later in the promotion, Sensei called me up to do some throws.  Didn't know I'd be doing that as well!  Overall, it was much fun.

Dev and I managed to get to the movies last night for Dark Shadows. It was fun in the worth-seeing-once sort of way. Sometimes I felt like I was watching a play about week before opening--when the timing is almost right, but the actors need a night or two with an audience to get it really right.

We're off to my folks' house for barbecue this afternoon.  Part of me would much rather stay home to garden and write.

And from the list of Arguments I've Had With Doctors comes research now published in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Probiotics do indeed reduce the intestinal side effects of antibiotics.  Alas, I don't anticipate many prescriptions to come with that information.  But it does give me yet another article I can give to a client--and the doctor--when said doctor calls such advice woo-woo stupidity.


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