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Skipping Down the Cobblestones

I finished outlining the karate book, structuring it around the discoveries I made here, and had more than a few moments of anxiety along the way.  Do I have enough material?  Do I honestly have something interesting to say?  Will this be worth anyone else's time?  But I also realized that, should this one be of interest to readers, I'll have material for a second one by this time next year.  I guess I do have some level of confidence, or that thought wouldn't have formed at all.

For the past few days, I've had that fabulous surge of enjoyment and anticipation that comes when I'm in the writing groove.  It's different from when I'm "simply" writing (which I can force myself to do).  The writing groove flows and moves.  I can start one project, switch to another, then come up with a way to fix problems in the first one--and it doesn't feel disjointed.  Or I can sink into a single project with nary a ripple.

The writing groove doesn't lose its place when Life interrupts.  Sure, it would be even better if I didn't have to interrupt the process for those minor things like parenting, making money, and keeping the house clean.  But the writing groove lets me drop in and out of the words more easily.  And when it's easy, I don't get frustrated with the interruptions.  It's all right to stop writing, because I know it's more like hitting the pause button than turning the flow off.

The groove usually happens a bit before the total immersion.  When immersion comes, there is no room for interruptions because STORY IS EVERYTHING in those hours.  So I'm guessing I should make good use of those current non-writing time to put other matters in order, just in case I get the immersion urge.

But yes--it would still be nice to take off in that RV for a few months.  I was trying to convince Dev we should take a month-long U.S. road trip this fall.  He opted for eight days in England and Scotland with his godmother instead.  Go figure.



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May. 8th, 2012 03:56 pm (UTC)
Congrats on all the book progress!

Have you ever considered writing a karate book as a resource for writers? That would be an awesome research tool.

Has Dev ever been to England and Scotland?
May. 8th, 2012 09:16 pm (UTC)
The trouble with martial arts resource books is that there are so many styles, taught by diverse instructors with unique philosophies, that a resource can't cover them. It would be like putting together a resource for All Things Electric. :-) I could put together something focused on the styles _I_ tinra, but it would be "wrong" to practictioners of, say, Tae Kwon Do or Ba Gua.

If writers need stuff for visualization purposes, most schools are open to letting folks come in to watch a class. Just know that if you're watching sparring, you'll get the glossy version of fighting. (It's considering bad form to hyperextend the knee, or rupture the eardrums, of your sparring partner.)

And I'm always open to answering questions.

Dev has never been overseas, and is thrilled with the prospect. We were going to try for Italy, but the difference in airfare alone was enough to shoot for England instead. Besides, his godmother has lived in England a few months of the year, every year, for about the last two decades. The perfect tour guide.

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