Blair MacGregor (blairmacg) wrote,
Blair MacGregor

Odd Writerly Brain

I had a story-dream last night--long and detailed, unfolding around me like a hologram movie I could stand within.  Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman played key roles.

Then I woke up in a dark movie theater, and it took me a moment to realize I'd fallen asleep during a movie I was seeing with the students and instructors of Viable Paradise.  sartorias leaned over to tell me she'd poked me in the ribs because I'd been snoring.  Then, because I was so excited about the story-dream, I whispered the whole thing to sartorias and skzbrust while some other film played on the screen.

Just before I got to the climax scenes, I woke up to the sound of the dog barfing beside my bed.

After cleaning up that problem, I wrote down everything I could remember from the dream within a dream.  It's actually quite workable, though the part with the murderous sea lion is just plain silly.

Tags: viable paradise, vpxv, writing
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