December 13th, 2011


California Left Behind

We flew home yesterday, leaving Los Angeles as the rains moved in.  It was cold in Indiana when we arrived, but no colder than the nights we'd experienced in the coastal valleys.  But it is, alas, still pretty flat in my part of Indiana.

SLO Town was a blast, though my jaw hit my lap when I first pulled off the freeway.  The city has quite obviously abandoned much of its controlled growth policies.  I took Dev up to the arboretum where his dad and I married, and after circling the back bay a few times, I finally recognized the little dirt road that led to our old house.  Then up to Montana de Oro, where the winding drive is filled with the scent of eucalyptus before the salt and seaweed of the ocean overpowers it.  The tide was out, so we were able to clamber around in the wave-hollowed caves.  We also managed to get in a visit to Hearst Castle, a walk on the beaches of San Simeon, lunch in Morro Bay's harbor, and a play in San Luis Obispo.

Dev's Godmom, Patricia, is one of the most interesting, articulate, intelligent, and fun-loving people I have ever had the privilege to meet.  We had a wonderful time with her, and not nearly enough of it.  I do wish we lived closer, because I'd love for her to have an even greater influence on Dev.

Dev asked to spend our last day in Hollywood.  We toured the Kodak theater, checked out the Egyptian, wandered around the Roosevelt Hotel, strolled up and down Hollywood Boulevard, and people-watched from the second-floor dining area of Baja Fresh just across the street from Grauman's.  The tour of Grauman's Chinese Theater was pretty fun.  As we were walking the aisles of the theater, our guide mentioned there had been filming for an upcoming gangster movie the day before, complete with a gunfight up and down the aisles.  Just about then, Dev spotted a glint of brass beneath one of the seats.  He came home with a .44 casing, and was quite happy.

There was a goodly amount of reminiscing on my part, telling Dev what happened at certain places--primarily focusing on what his dad and I had done together.  Dev said those parts were good and weird at the same time, which makes sense.  For me, it was indeed coming home.  Were it not for that cost-of-living thing, I'd move back right quick.

The pups are very, very happy we're home.  We're very, very happy to have the pups back.