October 28th, 2011


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I had to renew my license yesterday.  No problems, though the vision test let me know I'm right on the edge of needing new glasses.  (I could see all the little letters, but it took focus.)   Dev had come along with me because he wanted to find out what he'd need to get a learner's permit when he turned 15 1/2, over six months from the present.

State law changes on January 1.  He need be only 15 to get the permit, if he's enrolled in a driving school.  So next week, we register him for the first driving school of the year.  In a little more than two months, the Man-Child may be behind the wheel.

I go back and forth between thinking that's pretty awesome, and being scared to death.  Even though he can get the permit six months sooner, the law still says he can't have a license until he's 16 1/2.  That gives us about eighteen months of supervised driving--way better than the six months I had--and most of two winter driving seasons to learn with.  I just don't see a downside to that.

On the other hand...He will be driving a car!  On roads!  With other people in cars!  Ack!

Frankly, I have less anxiety about Dev getting his pilot's license.

Dev said he'd really like a classic El Camino.  Um...no.  No muscle car for the Man-Child.  He reminded me I had a muscle car when I was 16.

That was, like, totally different.