October 20th, 2011


Old Legs

I know I'm no longer twenty-something, and haven't been twenty-anything for a tad over a decade.  I'm still adjusting to the reality of it.

Had I been fully adjusted (and responsible), I would have done a wee bit more exercise while at VP.  Sure, I took a few walks.  Ran kata in the basement when no one else was in there.  Stretched.  That's about it.

Then I came home.  Monday, I taught karate for two hours and trained for another hour.  Tuesday I trained for two hours.  Sensei had me "catch up" on a few drills I'd missed the week before.  Yesterday I worked with two personal training clients then taught karate and trained.

My legs hurt today.  They're not a little sore or a little tight.  They frickin' hurt.  In about half an hour, I'll hobble to the car and drive to yet another karate class.  Because I'm just that stupid stubborn.  (Besides, I'm learning new stick and knife fighting stuff which is really, really awesome.)  I just wish I could do it sitting down.  And skip the squats.