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Pups Rule

The dogs are very happy to be home, and doubly happy their people are home with them.

Ty Handsome the Wonderdog doesn't want Dev or I out of his sight for long, even when that means trying to bully his way into an occupied bathroom.  He's more comfortable on the floor than on the furniture (unless the temps drop, and then he wants under the covers), so no matter where I sit, he curls up on or under my feet.  At random times, he will rest his head on my leg and sigh.  Other times, he will nudge Dev's knee with his nose until ear-scratches ensue.

Gambit II, despite weighing in at around 60 pounds, envisions himself as a little lapdog.  I'd also call him a laptop dog, because it makes no difference to him if the computer is on my lap; he will try to lie there anyway.  At the moment, he is pressed against my side, chin resting on my shoulder, as if he's reading my screen.  The little Bit doesn't give much in the way of doggie kisses--unlike Ty, who is compulsive about it--but he is a snuggle pup.  If he could live inside my pocket, he would.

4-H dog training resumes next Thursday and will run for four weeks before we break for the winter.  Ty is an old pro.  Gambit has never attended, but needs an undated vet form before we can bring him along.  Hopefully, that'll happen next week because Dev wants to compete with both dogs at county fair next year.  Gambit is certainly smart enough.  What remains to be seen is if he wants to please enough.  Smarts don't mean a thing if the dog is completely uninterested in making anyone else happy.


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Oct. 20th, 2011 10:53 am (UTC)
My cat has taken to sitting right next to my computer and half on my lap, which is just fine until I try to type, whereupon he's massively in the way of my right arm. Silly animals: *we* know we weren't going to go away and leave them...
Oct. 20th, 2011 01:25 pm (UTC)
Hee. I gotta say, by the end of VP I missed the pups terribly. The worst was my first night back. Not only was my son still staying with my folks, the pups were at the kennels. Top that off with missing everyone from the island, and it was a lonely night.

Until, not long after arrival, I collapsed from exhaustion and slept almost twelve hours.
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