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I think I'm recovered from jet lag, after losing most of the week's productivity to feeling like an oxygen-deprived sloth.  It just takes me forever to get the simplest things done!  So here are the bits and pieces of what's been going on:

I'm down to two personal training clients, for which I am glad.  I like training, but I like other things more, and those other things also pay me better.  My two remaining clients are friends, and they work extremely hard at whatever I throw at them, so I don't mind working with them awhile longer.  Maybe through summer.

Gambit attended his first 4H training session.  After about ten minutes of claws-gouging-cement refusal to cross the dog walk of the agility course, he made it all the way from end to the other.  Then he shivered and belly-crawled across it a second time.  By the fourth time, he was prancing on the narrow board as if he'd been doing it for months.  Just before we left, he got lose from his leash and ran over it and the A-frame just for fun.  Happy dog!

After deciding to expand my garden to 900 sq. ft., I came to my senses and scaled it back down to 500 sq. ft.  I want to see how much I can grow in that space by piggy-backing crops and companion planting.  The goal is high yields with minimal work.  The smaller the space between rows and plants, the less time must be spent making the dirt look neat and bare.

I'm loving more and more being back on a more intensive karate training schedule.  Combining what I've learned of Tai Chi with the body mechanics of Shorin Ryu is improving my movement and speed.  As a bonus, I'm working with an instructor on Pekiti Tirsia Kali as well.  I started this many, many moons ago, and am thrilled to be back at it.

On the teaching-karate side, I've a student who came to me with a high rank in another (somewhat related) style.  The first few months of such a situation are always a tad rocky.  The student is unlearning and relearning some things while remembering and forgetting over things.  The instructor is seperating the student's different techniques from bad techniques and expected frustration from unwanted attitude.  I think this one will work out, once the gentleman settles in.

On the writing front, I've been very frustrated with my broken-up time.  I cannot seem to make much forward progress.  Today, for example, was supposed to be highly productive.  Instead, Dev acted like a seven-year-old, interrupting constantly.  When he was finally focused on his work, the phone rang and the dogs barked and a neighbor just dropped by to say hello and the washing machine made a loud clunking noise and a client emailed with a critical question.  And now I need to get cleaned up and changed for karate class.  Argh.

It doesn't help that I'm under deadline on the writing project I'm not all the keen to work on at the moment.  And what I'd much rather be doing is splitting my time between the Chant sequel and Drunk.

And in other news, it turns out I did not screw up that short story submission in November.  My VP wall story is still under consideration, and it'll be a few more weeks before I hear anything.


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Mar. 20th, 2012 11:48 pm (UTC)
Yay on the last item!
Mar. 22nd, 2012 01:59 am (UTC)
It certainly made me happy. ;-)
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