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Writing Miscellany--Projects

After some mental meanderings last night, I decided not start my new project series in California after all.  Story flow works better if we begin in Indy, head to Texas for the second story arc, perhaps New Mexico for the third, and end up in California for the conclusion.  Every site in these stories are places I've visited, places I've stored in memory because something about them triggered "story."  I'm excited to finally have a cohesive project where they can all appear.

This series is not written in omni.  It works best with three tight viewpoints.  I admit to a little relief as I approach it.  Omni is, I believe, necessary for Chant--but it is not my primary inclination, and requires my constant attention.  Tight third is a relative breeze.

The other project I'm toying with on the side is a first-person fantasy that is totally different in tone and voice from anything else I've written.  A grumpy and snappish older man, a young enemy drunkard, a smart and quiet warrior, a juvenile delinquent, and a spirit who wants to eat the town.  I'm not sure where the story and its tone came from, but it's great fun to write.  I could write it in the same form as Chant (it's set in the same world), but Neb's voice is so much more fun!  I had set it aside once I realized it would likely fall into that impossible length of about 40K.  I could stretch it out, add an entire sequence, and make it hit 90K, I suppose.  But I don't really want to.  At this time.

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind.  I do tend to write long.

So today I completed more outlining for Indy--filling in gaps near the beginning and adding a bit more to the end.  I'm much clearer now on one of the bad guy's motives, which makes later chapters so much easier to outline.  Next, I'm pulling out Drunk to play-write in the little bit of time I have between personal training and karate. 

After Chant, I need something completely different--something that will pull me far from the tone and voice so I can see it more clearly when I come back to it with beta reader comments.



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