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Sweet Pup, Farewell

Ty-baby Handsome the Wonderdog passed away this afternoon surrounded by his the pack who loved him, and he loved in return. The second-to-last thing he did was give big sloppy kisses. The last thing he did was wag his tail.

We couldn't have asked for a more peaceful passing, nor better support from the vet and her staff. They didn't bat an eye when Dev stretched out on the floor beside Ty to hold him close as he passed, and quietly slipped from the room to give us our privacy. I am grateful to them.

Ty came into our lives when he was only a couple months old, and I don't remember a time when he wasn't confident to the point of recklessness. He spent nearly every night of his life sleeping on or right beside his Little Boy's bed.

He hated balloons. He was still a young dog when we took his to a large pet expo/outdoor fair, and he was incredibly well-behaved around other dogs, cats, goats, ponies, and various reptiles. Then, as we were leaving, he started a barking, snarling, growling, yank-on-the-leash fit. He wanted to attack the 30-foot tall RCA dog balloon.

Yeah, everyone around us thought it was pretty funny.

He went crazy over hot air balloons passing overhead, too. We never could figure out what he thought they were going to do, but whatever it was must have been dangerous and awful.

The only other things he hated with such passion were horses. This didn't go over all that well when our neighbors were Amish, but after a horse kicked him in the head, Ty performed his anti-equine barking fits from the porch's safety.

Those were also the years Ty had almost unfettered run of 130+ riverfront acres. He chased critters, dug holes, endured a skunk, roamed the woods, and swam the river, usually in the company of the landowner's Aussie. When the alfalfa was just the right height, the only sign the two dogs were in the field was the white-tipped gold of Ty's tail waving above the green.

Dev roamed the land, too. When I wanted Dev to head home, it was easier to whistle for Ty, and tell him to find Little Boy. It wasn't long before the pair would come trotting up the drive.

Ty won county and state 4H titles many years in a row--a feat possible only because he so loved his Little Boy, and considered time in the ring Boy Time. They were a judge and crowd favorite because they had so much fun together, and let it show.

Outside the ring, obedience was a malleable concept for Ty. He knew the rules, and he knew we loved him, and I swear sometimes he did the math and considered the certainty of being hollered at was totally worth rolling in the mud or snatching that hamburger or picking his own tomatoes out of the garden.

Yes, he picked and ate his own tomatoes. Only the ripe ones. And he preferred clusters of grape tomatoes.

But above all, Ty loved. He loved his Little Boy, and followed him faithfully. He loved his Gambit, and his kind companionship turned a frightened rescue pup into a confident dog. He loved his family, and never missed the chance to nuzzle close and offer kisses.

He is at peace. This I know. But I seriously doubt he's resting. Instead, he is racing across an open field in spring, running all the way to the river so he can swim until the sun sets and the stars light his way home.


Feb. 18th, 2015 11:50 am (UTC)
Thank you. He was indeed fantastic.


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