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My Cosplaying Kid

There is something wonderful about sharing things you love with your child.

My son, almost eighteen, has been bitten by the cosplay bug, and this is a most awesome thing.

I didn't know anything about cosplay when I was a kid and young adult. Heck, I didn't even see a masquerade at a convention until I was in my late twenties. But I worked in community and regional theater from age ten onward, and discovered Renaissance festivals in my late teens. Add in the fact my mother taught me to sew everything from simple Halloween costumes to gorgeous custom prom dresses, and you can understand how much I wish I'd had cosplay as a creative option.

So when my kid showed not just passing interest in wearing costumes to conventions, but a real interest in all aspects of construction, you can imagine my excitement!

He's working on Hans Solo right now. So far, he's learned how to use polymer clay, made stencils and painted fabric, used spray paint and a glue gun, and created patterns for a vest, boot covers, and a holster belt. We've done some of the sewing together--I do something while he watches, then he tries it on his own, then we correct anything we need to fix--and he'll be ready to do more of it on his own the next time.

What made me smile was how impressed he was to discover I not only knew how to put in grommets and use a soldering iron, but that I had the tools for those tasks.
We've a bit of problem-solving to do with the belt and holster rig tonight, and a few odds and ends to tie up before we goes to Awesome Con tomorrow. If he approves, I'll post a picture or two later.

Really, we had a blast working together, and I got to brush up on costuming skills I haven't used in mumble-mumble years. He's urging me to do one for myself, and I admit Fionna from Shrek sounds fun...


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