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So much is the body-tiredness this day!

Yesterday was spent helping my mother paint their previous home here in Indiana. They've had renters in it for the last year and these renters--while not the from-hell variety--were not the sort to treat a rented home as their own. The worst mess might have simply been incompetence, as their attempt to patch and paint over the nail holes in the walls was an utter disaster. These "patches" were palm-sized blotches of spackle, somewhat smoothed, covered with the wrong shade of paint. In almost room in the house.

Four bedrooms, an office, a loft, living room and dining room. We painted two bedrooms and the loft yesterday, and part of the stairwell.

I cleaned bathrooms, too. One was... Well, let's just say I wore gloves to clean it and threw away any sponge, cloth, and towel that had come in contact with its surfaces. So did the scraper I used on part of the floor. (!!)

As someone who has rented for all but five years of her adult life, I find it amazing so many renters feel comfortable trashing their own living space simply because they don't own it. It is where I live, and eat, and sleep. I am by no means an exceptional housekeeper, but the surfaces around and beneath my piles of stuff and my magpie-style décor is clean.


Today was yardwork day, owing to the cool weather and oncoming autumn. Much dead and dying stuff was cleared out of gardens and flowerbeds. Many an aspiring tree was hacked down, and many weeds were whacked. A large pile of stuff now sits by our fire pit. If Tuesday's weather looks fair and calm, I'll burn it then.

Then I came inside and, motivated by what I'd cleaned yesterday, cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen like a mad woman.

Dinner will soon need to be made. Fortunately, I've a ton of red sauce in the freezer, left over from last week, and the stuff to whip up some quick meatballs.

Would it be too much to expect I'll function well enough to write a few words this evening?


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Sep. 15th, 2014 12:17 am (UTC)
It's hard to imagine people treating a rented property that way. Ick!

Hope the tired doesn't interfere with your writing tonight.
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