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This! That! The Other Thing!

I should be writing on my non-fiction projects. They really shouldn't be that hard to finish up. They're based on workshops I've given for years. I have PowerPoints, outlines, and audio recordings of the workshops as a foundation. And you know what? I can't stop thinking about the sequel to Sand of Bone long enough to write more than a paragraph or two at a time. Thus I'm permitting myself to write nothing but fiction this week. We shall see how the brain is working by next weekend.

So the sequel, Breath of Stone, is indeed underway and I'm pleased with the way the opening chapters are running. I'm squishing what was two novels into one, made possible by the complete removal of an entire storyline, and the story will be better for it so long as I stay out of my own way. There might simply be Too Much Stuff. A few other things might have to be set aside. We shall see.

The Other Thing!
I haven't been camping for two years now, and I miss it terribly. Alas, my son has no interest in camping these days, and my nephews--who love to camp--are in Colorado. But I used to go camping alone all the time in my 20s. Why not now? So I booked a campsite for later this month, and it'll be all mine for two nights and most of three days. Gambit will come with me to act as an alarm system. (And yes, I travel with protection.) When I return, I'll post pictures and details and such. And I'm so damned excited about it!!


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Sep. 8th, 2014 12:31 am (UTC)
Yay, camping alone! It's one of the few pleasures of the child-free years that one can have back again, just as good as it used to be. I hope you have a great camp, wonderful weather, and *ahhhhhhh....*.

Don't forget the marshmallows! ;`D
Sep. 8th, 2014 12:36 am (UTC)
I am so looking forward to it!

And yes on the marshmallows! The hot dogs will be for the pup. :)
Sep. 8th, 2014 01:12 am (UTC)
Breath of Stone is an *excellent* title. And I'm in awe and admiration that you recognized a whole storyline to cut--that takes strength.

What manner of beastie is Gambit?

ETA: I see you have a Gambit tag: I bet my question will be answered if I click....

Edited at 2014-09-08 01:13 am (UTC)
Sep. 8th, 2014 01:28 am (UTC)
Well, the other storyline detoured what should be a dynastic conflict and sibling conflict into travelogue territory--and it didn't do it well to boot. :) That other storyline will be carefully preserved, though, because the worldbuilding offers some pretty cool story possibilities.

I hope you enjoy the Gambit entries. He's the most unique pet I've ever known. :)
Sep. 9th, 2014 04:20 pm (UTC)
Isn't it wonderful to be consumed by a story?

Hooray for the camping. That sounds so wonderful--so much like heaven. You're very lucky to be able to go. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time!
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