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Dog Days Dilemma

Remember mention of Jonah, the blue-eyed mutt who kept escaping from his own yard?  Well, the day I posted that entry was the last day I saw his owners. 

We brought Jonah back to his own home that night and dropped him off with the woman of the house.  She said she still had no idea how he was getting out.  I recommended she keep the dog inside until she figured it out, or at least put a friggin' collar on the guy.  I've had dogs go a-wandering, so I understand how it happens.  What I don't like is the oh-well attitude.  That's how dogs end up lost, starving, and/or hit by cars.

The next morning, Jonah was on the porch when I woke up.

I should say Jonah always looked too skinny, but it can be hard to tell with some breeds.  Because our lab is a massive, barrel-chested guy weighing in at 90 pounds, I tend to see most dogs as "too skinny."  But that morning, because I'd spent much of the night fretting over the pup, I sat with Jonah, without the other dogs around.  Between the bottom of his ribcage and the top of his pelvis, his whole body shrinks in.  I mean, the emaciated type of thin.

I fed him four meals by the end of the day.  The owners weren't home.  Jonah stayed in our garage.  I fed him another four meals yesterday.  Still no owners at home.  I'm struggling because I cannot take in another dog--particularly one who could well grow taller than our Ty--but I cannot simply leave the dog to fend for itself.  And the owners weren't home this morning.

So I called the animal shelter.  By the time the officer arrived, I had to be at work and the man who supposedly owns Jonah had come home and found his dog.  The man's wife has given him 24 hours to be out of the house, so he was distraught, but promised to keep the dog in.

This was what Animal Control told me on the phone after I'd come home.  As the woman tells me what to do if Jonah shows up again...Jonah trots onto my front porch, wagging his tail.

So Jonah will stay with us again tonight, and Animal Control will take him to the shelter in the morning.

His eyes are a beautiful ice-blue, which you can kinda see in this pic. 

Can you see how sunken his gut is???  Even so, he's wagging his tail, and will let me take food right out his mouth.

Truly, I can empathize with personal problems making the seemingly simple life tasks difficult. But a dog isn't a piece of furniture to be squabbled over when the fancy strikes. If the dog means anything to either member of the family, he or she will hustle down to the shelter to get him or, if neither can care for him, let him go to adoption. If Jonah isn't adopted soon, the shelter will call me and I'll foster him until a Forever Home can be found.

And on the revision front, I'm down to 19K remaining.


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Feb. 2nd, 2012 11:43 pm (UTC)
Poor baby. How can people do that to animals?

Almost a year ago, I heard pitiful crying in the rain when I checked my mail. I parked, looked for the source, and found a beautiful gray tabby, hiding in some bushes, soaked.

He was friendly, so I took him to my car, drove to my apartment, and called for my daughter to bring down our cat carrier.

That poor boy was so starved he was concave. I was horrified. Apparently someone moved and left him. It took so long before he didn't eat everything nailed down.

Now, I look at him and I wonder how he could have ever been in that shape. He's beautiful.

I hope Jonah has a happy ending and ends up in a home that will love him.

Woo-hoo for revision progress. You're going gangbusters!
Feb. 3rd, 2012 01:51 am (UTC)
Good for you, rescuing that kitty!

I don't know how folks can simply not consider the animal. I've been in situations when I could no longer care for a pet, so I found someone who _could._

The three dogs have finally settled down. (Apparently, pack hierarchy outdoors must be re-established when the pups move indoors.)

I so wish I could keep Jonah, but just the initial investment would top $400 (wireless collar, full set of medical tests and shots, assorted gear and crate, etc.). Then I'd have to consider the added kennel fees when I have to travel, the food bill, so on and so forth...

Yes, I must keep talking myself OUT of keeping this pup. It doesn't help that he just curled up beside me to sleep. At least I can provide a "He's a wonderful dog!" reference.
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 3rd, 2012 03:17 am (UTC)
He's totally affectionate but, yes, a definite runner. As soon as I told the animal control woman about the husky eyes, she started calling him Houdini!
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