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More On Patrick McLaw

Head on over to alecaustin for "What All Schoolchildren Learn."

I have nothing but agreement to add to his observations. (And some folks at my high school were beyond shocked when I gave one of two student speeches at our commencement ceremonies.)

Yes, I'm still a tad... obsessed with figuring this case out. Or figuring out why it's playing out as it is.

We have a respected teacher suddenly whisked into custody because of books he wrote when he was 19 or 20. The most incriminating piece of evidence uncovered by numerous searches is a map of the school that he had at home. This is what law enforcement has revealed. To my knowledge, no one in law enforcement or in the school administration has even hinted at, "But there are other scary and incriminating things! We just can't tell you about them!"

What has law enforcement told the media? That they can't say anything at all without jeopardizing the ongoing investigation, and law enforcement officers will be stationed at the school until the crisis is over.

Put those two pieces in a combo package, and it looks to me as if law enforcement is certain there is some sort of conspiracy in the works, and the school must be protected from McLaw even though he has reportedly been "removed" from the area, banned from school property, and denied the "ability to travel anywhere."

Is there any other reason that comes to mind?

(On the other hand, since the case hasn't been exactly quiet, I'd imagine any surprise advantage law enforcement might have in apprehending these co-conspirators would be greatly decreased.)

The other odd thing? No one is saying anything online. There are no family members or friends speaking up. There are no coworkers, or even past teachers and college buddies, coming forward. Either everyone fears law enforcement is on to something, or this man is very much alone in the world.

It would be rather nice is someone--anyone!--in the local media decided to, y'know, investigate locally.


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