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Dog Days

Gambit--our Boxer-Plott Hound rescue dog--no longer acts like a rescue dog.  The turning point came on Christmas Eve.  We brought him and old Ty Handsome--our barrel-chested Lab--with us to my sister's house.  We took Gambit inside first, and when Dev left to get Ty, that little Bit started shaking, whimpering, and slinking toward the door.  But once Ty and Dev returned, he was all shimmy-happy and wiggly.  Our best guess is that Gambit thought he was being dropped off somewhere new yet again, and was relieved to discover he was not.

When we returned home the next day, he ran up and down the hallway, in and out of the bedrooms, then flopped down in the middle of the living room to squirm, belly up, with joy.  We figure he now believes his current family is indeed his Forever Family.

Some dogs trot.  Ty Handsome does.  It's become his favorite speed as he reaches his senior years.  Gambit, on the other hand, prances.  Head up, front feet lifted high, he acts like a Disney caricature of Happy Dog.  He no longer fears sliding on the hardwood floors; he actually lets Ty drag him across it for tug-o-war.  He no longer freaks out when someone sneezes, or runs past, or makes a loud noise.

He does, however, still want to cuddle close enough to be in my pocket when the fancy strikes him.  That sixty-something pound dog can curl up tighter than an armadillo, ands wants to do so on my lap, under my chin.  Every chance he gets.

Now there's a new dog on the scene--not mine, but a neighbor's.  Jonah is a husky/shepherd/something mutt, less than a year old, and already an escape artist.  He learned to pop the gate latch at his house so he could bolt across the street and play with my pups.  When that was fixed, he figured out how to climb.  Totally the omega--he offers up his belly the moment he reaches our yard--and absolutely thrilled to be part of a pack.  If my pups are in the house, Jonah will paw at the back door.  Can Ty and Bit come out to play?

And now that I've cleansed the writerly palate with pup chatter, I shall return to revisions before post-karate languor overwhelms me.



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Jan. 31st, 2012 02:34 pm (UTC)
I love talk about happy dogs.
Jan. 31st, 2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
:-) Me, too.
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