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Cold On the Outside, Hopeful On the Inside

This will be the first week in the entire month of January that the dojo will be open for all classes. Our usual winter weather policy follows the schools: if they close all day or dismiss early, we close as well, because closings and such are done in response to road conditions. It's the easiest way to manage weather's impact without having to constantly communicate with 70 students' families every time the weather goes to crap. Most winters, we miss at the most two nights of classes due to those closings.

This year, it's been crazy. So even though the schools were closed yesterday due to the low low LOW temps, we went ahead and ran classes because road conditions weren't affected. Not everyone showed up, but enough to make it worth while. Next week might be a different story since long-range stuff is looking at the potential of a massive snow-dump by Tuesday. Sigh. I am so done with this winter.

In other news, Sand of Bone is a-moving. I'll be wrapping up what is, essentially, a new "first draft" by next weekend. Then I absolutely must give it a decent revision pass before putting it in front of beta-readers because I've left plot holes and tatters all over the place. I want my beta-readers to hammer me on the stuff I don't know I've done wrong, not waste their time on what I do know I've done wrong. That would be rather rude of me, yes?

And in other other news, I'm growing increasingly excited about training educators. Interest is growing, appointments are setting up, and I'm feeling just dandy about the prospects. By the end of the year, I'll be able to breathe financially for the first time in seven/eight years. Best of all, I'm doing something I see is meaningful, useful, and lasting.

On the other side, I'm feeling very fortunate in comparison to what those around me are enduring. In the past week alone, I've had one friend find out about a parent's cancer diagnosis and another lose a close family member, and then another person I know peripherally needed help doing the whole protective order/divorce initiation against an abusive husband. (And why does it seem there are more and more of these situations coming up??) I don't know why it seems everyone is being hit at once.


I successfully resisted the temptation to jump into online debates and silliness on publishing, self-publishing, who should and shouldn't be doing it and how they should or shouldn't be doing it. The truth is it really doesn't matter. Really. Doesn't. Matter. One actually learns more about the person making the argument than the argument itself, and since I don't need to know jack about the people arguing... What would be the point?

In the end, writers will do what they think is the best to do, some folks with experience will help them, and some folks with experience will mock them. Same old, same old.

And soon I'm now off to bed, happily reading Elliott's Cold Steel, and am most grateful my home is warm, my pantry stocked, and my heart filled with love from my son and my puppies and my friends.


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