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I've been playing around, on and off, all day with writing a "What I did in 2013 and hope to do in 2014" post.

It ain't happening, folks. This is the best I can come up with.

I had me so mightily ambitious goals on the writing front this year--ambitious enough that I would have been satisfied to fall somewhat short of meeting them. I had novels and novellas and wellness books I wanted to complete and publish. And it all seemed doable at the end of last year, even after I was slammed unexpectedly with a rush of new students at the dojo.

A year later, only one little goal was reached.

Three events of the year--rather, what those events triggered--pushed all those other goals aside. First, my best friend and mentor of over twenty years died in April. Second, I accepted that I am and prefer to be single—and would no longer try to "fix" that—in May. Third, my entire family (Dev excepted) moved 2000 miles away in September. Combined, they triggered nearly a year's worth of, "Who am I? Where am I in life? Where would I rather be? What do I want to be when I grow up? What sort of life do I want ten years from now? What will be my role as my parents age? Where do I want to be as I myself age? And when I have those answers, what am I willing to do to make it happen?"

I did my thinking and evaluating and considering and mourning. I did my parenting--working with Dev through school, work, grief, and life-planning. I ran a dojo. I tried a couple different things on the career front, most of which found small success that required far more investment of time than the payoff justified. There was much flail of the non-joyous variety. Only recently has something come to fruition, and that just might be a game-changer. I'll know more by the end of January.

But on the topic of writing... I published one wellness book, though most of the profits from doing so won't come to pass until summer. Two others are in draft form, and a third is outlined. An unrelated non-fiction project is also in the works.

I got within shouting distance of completing revisions for Sand of Bone (and outlined the sequel), made a decent start with Crossroads of America (and outlined two new books in the series), put together a rough outline for the sequel to Sword and Chant, started a contemporary romance (!), and played with a half-dozen other projects just enough to keep them fresh.

So... writing goals for 2014? Too much is up in the air to make solid plans. Contracts are still under negotiation. Other responsibilities are in flux. Other people need to make a couple other decisions before I move forward (a waiting game I dislike greatly). So making a goal on specific projects, or number of projects, wouldn't be worth the pixels. Instead, my writing goal is to create things I'm proud of, and publish things that connect with readers.

As for everything else, this pic forwarded from a friend of mine sums up my personal intentions for 2014:


If I could call you all up and have you over for a grand party, I would. I try to explain the best I can, not only in an attempt to be understood, but in the hope it might help someone else going through troubled or confusing times. I try to remember to ask rather than assume, and have made an effort to look at the perspective of others when I disagree. And I love my friends. I love my family. I am thankful for every contribution you made--large and small--to 2013, and I am already grateful for the support, kindness, and advice y'all will offer in 2014.


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Jan. 1st, 2014 04:15 am (UTC)
::HUGS:: Wishing you all the best and much success in 2014.
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